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Engagement rings and wedding bands are the ultimate expression of love, let us help you create your perfect engagement ring and wedding band set for the big day.

We will assist you with every step of your bespoke ring creation from selecting your Diamond through to designing the ring, setting and metal selection. 

We will always ensure value for money without compromising the quality, to guarantee finding your perfect ring.

Below is some useful guidance on Diamonds and Gold.

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Every diamond is unique. Each diamond reflects the story of its journey from deep inside the earth to a bespoke piece of jewellery. Every diamond has four main characteristics, they are known as the 4Cs - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

The colour scale ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Although many people think of quality diamonds as colourless, truly colourless diamonds are very rare. Diamonds used in jewellery are generally colourless with slight tints of yellow or brown.

Colour grades are determined by comparing the diamond to a colour scale. Each letter on the scale represents a range of color and is a measure of how noticeable a colour is. 

The Clarity Scale includes eleven clarity grades and ranges from Flawless to I3. Diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, therefore it is extremely rare to find a diamond that lacks any internal and external characteristics. These characteristics are a by-product of its formation and help gemologists separate natural diamonds from synthetics and identify individual stones.

The Cut Scale ranges from Excellent to Poor. A polished diamond’s beauty lies in its complex relationship with light. The magnificent display you see is made up of three attributes: Brightness is the combination of all white light reflecting from the surface and interior of a diamond. Fire which describes the flares of colour emitted from the light and dark areas and the sparkle you see when the diamond, the light moves. A diamond’s proportions also affect its light performance, which in turn affects its beauty and overall appeal. Diamonds with fine proportions, symmetry, and polish optimize their interaction with light and have increased brightness and fire. 

Types of Diamond Cut

One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight. 

Gold was one of the first known metals. Its beauty, versatility and unique physical characteristics continue to make it a very valuable commodity. Gold is designated as one of the noble metals, meaning it will not tarnish, rust, or corrode or be affected by any acids. Though it's very strong, it is also the most malleable of all metals.
  • 24 carat = 100% gold - Too soft for jewellery
  • 22 carat = 91.7% gold - Very soft not recommended for jewellery
  • 18 carat = 75.0% gold - Recommended for fine jewellery
  • 14 carat = 58.5% gold - Recommended for jewellery
  • 9 carat = 37.5% gold - The minimum standard in the UK

Pure gold is too soft to withstand the stresses of daily wear, so it is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper, palladium, and zinc to give it strength and durability. Carat indicates purity and is noted by a number followed by the letters ‘ct’. Traditionally Carat is expressed in 24ths meaning 18ct gold is an alloy of 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal.

Yellow Gold
18ct gold is composed of 75% gold, alloyed with 25% other metals. Not only does this make the piece more valuable, it makes it strong enough to withstand daily wear while maintaining its traditional, rich golden colour.

White Gold
18ct white gold is 75% gold, alloyed with 25% white metals to produce a white metal with a slight yellow colour. To enhance the whiteness, almost all white gold is plated with rhodium, which is extremely hard and shiny white metal in the platinum group.

The colour of gold is determined by two factors:
  • The type of metal alloys included in it
  • The percentage of each metal alloy

Please refer to our Product Care page for a guide on jewellery care

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